FRANGIBLE MASTS FOR AORPORT has been widely used to support various high obstacles. Such as approach lights, guidance equipment, meteorological equipment, security equipment and other facilities. The company has applied for multiple related patents and obtained various industry certififications and honors. Our frangible masts is the first and currently the only frangible masts product that has passed the collision test under the industry standard of the civil aviation administration of China. It frangible the technical gap in the domestic airport easy-folding products and opens up the application of frangible masts products in China, providing airport users with better option


We have a series of products in this Frangible masts area.

The materials of our products include FRP Mast and Aluminium Mast. Our products have widely been used in airport approach masts, weather system masts,mlat masts,monitoring masts and other fields.


Our frangible mast is made of glass fiber reinforced composite material and is completely frangible within its complete height.

The frangible masts body of our company is integrally formed to ensure the service life and long-term reliability of the mast body. The frangible masts of our company does not reflect electromagnetic wave, so as not to distort the instrument landing system or other launching devices. Under normal environmental conditions, the frangible mast is rigid enough to ensure that the deviation of the light beam does not exceed ± 2 degrees on the vertical axis and ± 3 degrees on the horizontal axis. (the offset is permanent, not jitter) Our frangible mast is strong enough to avoid structural damage when the surface is covered with ice of 12.5mm and the maximum wind speed is 140km / h. The frangible mast parts of our company can resist corrosion and have been tested according to FAA AC150 / 5345-45c chapter 3.3.4 (sunlight / ultraviolet aging) and 3.3.5 (salt spray) standards and obtained the certificate of conformity. Our frangible mast has good weather resistance, does not corrode within its service life and keeps its physical properties unchanged. It can be applied to the temperature range of - 55 ℃ to + 60 ℃ and is not affected by direct sunlight, water, rain and humidity and marine climate. The color of our frangible mast is achieved by using UV stabilized gel coating and surface treatment to prevent deterioration of structure or appearance. The frangible mast of our company provides a closed pipe for installing the cable to prevent the cable from being exposed and protect the cable from natural environment or man-made damage. The cable duct provided by our company for cable installation also meets the requirements of fragility. Our frangible mast can be quickly cut and modified according to the final specific elevation of the construction at the installation site, and the installation can be completed without welding or replacing parts. The installation method of approach lamp can meet the requirement that the height is adjustable within + / - 110mm. All fasteners of frangible masts are stainless steel. The surface of the welding rod, which is easy to be cleaned by various chemicals or rust, shall be clean and free of dust, dirt and other easily accessible materials such as welding flux; Color as required.