Design Concept of RLG A-VDGS


The RLG Docking System provides relevant effective and reliable information by visual means to pilots who is parking aircraft . The RLG Docking System makes them unblocked.

The RLG Docking System can safely direct the aircraft to park at the precise parking position at apron. RLG uses a 3-axislaser range finder, and provides docking guidance information to both pilot and co-pilot. Since the azimuth guidance information displays through an LED display, pilots can easily read this information.


In addition, RLG can compare the aircraft approaching to the parking position stop line with alltypes of aircraft in the database. When an aircraft which is different with the selected aircraft type approaches the parking position stop line, the system can alert the pilot and the manager of the wrong model simultaneously.


The main display console is mounted on wall of terminal building or on a pole, The device is aligned and perpendicular to the extension line of the aircraft docking center and close to the aircraft stop line.


Align the laser component of docking system with J-line, determine the height of the main display console, so that pilots of any type of aircraft can easily see guidance information.


After the main display console is xed, the system can perform laser scanning and initialization setup,to adjust the system to the optimal state and to ensure accurate docking guidance.


The docking can be carried out by either the pilot or the co-pilot.

Warning message will be displayed if the aircraft approaching the gate doesn't match selected type.

Intuitional azimuth bar display format is used with highly visible large symbol. 

Complete style display is used in the operation interface to improve the clarity of information display.

Dual surveillance camera design for docking procedures checkup.

Remote support, upgrades, and commssioning can be performed with internet.

Extremely detail log flle present all status during every docking procedure.

Optional computer host and GOS(Gate Operation System) can be used for status reporting and docking system control.

Optional interlock mechanisms, to prevent docking guide procedure starting if bridge hasn't stop.

Optional chock on/off time recording function, in order to easily know docking time.

Fully comply to ICAO Annex 14 recommendations.


Somple and practiacl software.

Touch screen with windows computer.

Real-time log file with detail of each procedure.

Remote support service with internet.

Display the direction and speed of guiding.

Lidar Point Cloud For VDGS: